the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote in plumedreamer,
the naked plume

July 30th - Lost season 2

I'm in season 2 of Lost. The Others, pirate types, invite us inside their home. It's a big Valhalla-like hall, lots of wooden walls. They seem friendly at first. We're split up in two groups. All the couples, all the friends are split.
There are a lot of strange things in the room. A giant wooden axe type thing hanging on the wall.
The pirate others turn sinister. Panic starts. One of us, a girl, is killed by the axe. More people get killed, lots of pain. There is some powerful being, man?, who feeds off the pain and fear.
We're chased around, through horrible things. Generating fear.
Then it's kind of blurry. Now we seem to be in some sort of research facility. Power plant? The powerful being is a child? I think he's addicted to the fear and pain, but he's coming down now. And becoming almost normal. We take him with us. We find his mother, working in the plant. We try to escape before any fear or pain catches up with us and turns him evil again.
Somewhere around here the most striking image of the dream comes in. This whole thing, the plant or facility or house is actually a little box. Like a cardboard box that you would hold playing cards in. But it's flying in the air, above an ocean. It's being supported by a handful of tiny snowflakes. The box is hanging from wires connected to the snowflakes, flying across the ocean. The sunset in the distance. That must be one of the most peculiar and beautiful images I have ever seen in a dream.
At one point I think the dream is over and I'm waking... but it's still the dream. And now I'm the powerful being. Some kind of omnipotent prankster, like Q in Star Trek. I go around causing havoc. Holding people captive in the box. Picking them up in tulips. The tulips are normal sized but somehow I can fit human beings in them.
I can walk through the walls by will.
And then I wake up.
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