the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote in plumedreamer,
the naked plume

July 26th - Teacher's chest and Tina's cake.

At school. My teacher, Annette Topholm, has had breast surgery. A boobjob. She's showing off the results to the kids. She's letting a 2nd grade boy touch them. She comes over to me, does some kind of wet t-shirt dance and finally let's me touch them too. Extremely big and squishy boobs.

Later on Tina Dickow invites me to her house. Me and someone else, an old classmate. Can't remember who. We're having dinner with her and her parents. And her fiancee.
We're having cake. Some kind of dry cake. It crumbles easily. I'm worried about making a mess.
I'm also jealous. Tina is getting married. She kisses me on the cheek and hugs me. She says something to me in Greek. I don't understand it. I get the sense that she's almost sorry to be getting married because she knows it makes me sad.
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