the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote in plumedreamer,
the naked plume

July 24th 2005 - Daniel Dae Kim and dead mice

It's the last day of school I think. We're celebrating. Riding in some kind of open truck. We pass Daniel Dae Kim. And now he's in our truck, standing in front of me. As if he was part of our class. I think I'm sympathizing with him because he's been written off of Lost.
Then we get to a pond. It's sunny and summer. A girl has put pinecones and a dead mouse in my pocket. Another girl is sunbathing topless. I take pictures of her.
Then we're on a train. I get separated from the rest of the class. At this point I become aware that I'm in a dream. There is a twin peaksy atmosphere. Strange little sound vignettes and odd scenes. I want to wake up. I try to force myself to wake up by focusing really hard on it. But I can't.
Then the alarm clock rings and I wake up.
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