the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote in plumedreamer,
the naked plume

July 14th 2005 - Old mates and big brothers

I'm in the Big Brother show. I have to do a bungee jump. Or maybe I just have to climb down a rope? I'm not sure. I'm in my underwear. Only wearing boxers. The TV presenter is telling me that I have to take off my underwear and climb down, if I want to win the money. 100,000 kroners? A Million? Something like that. I refuse to take my boxers off though. So no money for me.

Then I'm at work. Maybe it is actually Kulturgyngen? Old classmates start coming in. Maria. Christian. Johnny. Ole. Birgitte. All there. And Sara comes in. My everlasting crush. She has changed her name. Sara Christensen. Has she gotten married? I rush around with a melting icecube in my hands because I heard she wanted a drink. I get her email address too. sarachristensen@something. @ a travel agency. Most probably the same travel agency that Birgitte works/worked at in real life.
And she's actually grown up. Normally when my old classmates are in my dreams they appear as they were back then. 14-15 years old. But Sara is an adult here.
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