the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote in plumedreamer,
the naked plume

July 11th 2005 - Unforgiven songwriting + The Practice.

Two parts:

I'm writing songlyrics with the leadsinger from Maroon 5 (don't know his name). Parts of them go like this:
"The anger in my sin
the days in between"
And they're set to Metallica's Unforgiven part 2.
Then we're attacked by a mob of fans and we have to escape.

The Practice. I guess I'm Bobby. But we're not lawyers, we're more like detectives. We're chasing a murderer. Emilie de Ravin. She has some kind of magic power. She "blinks". Crushes a girl, she bleeds from her eyes. Emilie didn't mean to do it. When she gets mad she "blinks" others to death.
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